When winter is upon us, we must put our SAFETY CAPS on and our best foot forward.

Following are some suggestions:

  1. Re-vamp our attitudes.
  2. Improve and increase our Courtesy and extend more consideration.
  3. Respect and concern for other motorists, customers, equipment, fellow workers, company and quality.
  4. Common sense is knowing that we must keep our equipment in perfect shape by spending a few minutes pre-tripping, circle checking and post-tripping on each trip. Also doing brake checks.
  5. We must know how to properly adjust brakes evenly to be able to use as little air as necessary for the best braking advantage safely possible.
  6. Increase the following distance between ourselves and any other type of vehicle, always watch ahead/side/both mirrors to the rear – contemplating everyone else’s behaviour to try and keep ourselves in a safety zone.
  7. Pay close attention to road and weather conditions so we may be on the defensive for icy bridge decks and curves, watching ahead for warning brakes and flashing lights possibly indicating trouble and to give yourself time to slow down and stop safely.
  8. Make sure you have your winter gear and a survival kit.
  9. Cold weather and tension are perfect ingredients for fatigue and accidents. Make sure you get your proper rest and separate your personal problems from work.
  10. Under all changes of circumstances, remember to communicate and relate important details.
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