From Employers:

Learning the Right Way

“If you’re looking to upgrade your license to become one of our drivers, check out AB Roadsafe. The instructors care about their students, and their success. They are exceptional teachers, and teach you the right way, to make Alberta’s roads safe.”

North West Fire Rescue & Training, a private fire service that provides sentry and safety services for energy companies while they drill, frac, and service wells.

From Our Students:

Great Driving School

Dennis knows what he is doing and some times you may find him a bit tough but that is what you are paying him for!! Learn from your mistakes and listen to what he tells you and you will be successful… Great driving school I would recommend them to anyone who has needs they can offer!

Jamie Guitar, Student

Excellent Guidance

I would like extend my thanks to both Corri and Dennis for their excellent guidance throughout this learning experience! I highly recommend AB RoadSsafe training! Outstanding quality of skills being taught by a highly experienced driver.
Charles Ross, Student

Patient & Honest

Many thanks to Dennis and Corri. Very honest and hardworking to get me ready. I sweated but Dennis said “don’t sweat it, you are ready”. He was right.
In teaching me, he was very patient, answered my many questions when I asked ‘why’ so often. I like to know why I’m doing things a specific way, and how things work together. Dennis knew all that stuff. Do this because. ……   Don’t do this because. …..
Again thank you and I’ll surely recommend AB RoadSafe!
Allain Cote, Student

Safe and Professional

Thanks Dennis!!so glad I finally committed to do this course! Even happier I choose AB Roadsafe to do my training. If anyone is looking to become a safe and professional driver, Dennis is the man to show you the way, very professional, great training with you! thanks again!
Tyler MacDonald, Student

Number One!

Just passed my road test today! Thank you Dennis. You are an awesome instructor! Thank you Corri for all your work in setting everything up on time. Garry said thanks also . Will give you a call when l get back.
Would recommend AB RoadSafe to anyone anytime!  Dennis is very professional and is driven to get his students passed the first time.
Very good Dennis !!! You are number one !!
Rick Burton, Student

Highest Caliber

I had the privilege of doing my class one driver training with Dennis as the instructor and could totally recommend AB RoadSafe for any future students. Personal, individual training of the highest caliber!  You are sure, when doing your road test, that you are competent and will pass the test. To Dennis and Corri; thank you for your commitment and dedication, and keep up the good work!!
Dennis and Corri are doing a great job, as always.  Your success rate is phenomenal!
John Kotze, Student

Just What I Needed

Thank you!! Dennis and Corri are an amazing team with lots of gainful knowledge. So happy I went through your course.  It was a blast. Thanks again
Colin Mitton, Student


Dennis and Corri were phenomenal. They worked with me every step of the way on my tight schedule and they always made a point of making sure I knew they would work for me. Extra special thanks to Dennis for whipping me into shape and pushing me out of my comfort zone, and displaying confidence in me at all times even when I may not have had it in myself. I couldn’t have done it without Dennis’ above and beyond approach. I can’t believe how hard Dennis worked to help me, I was never left with a question hanging over my head and even when the session ran long the day wasn’t over until I got what I needed. The level of care that they put into their students is exceptional and I don’t think can be found anywhere else. Again I can’t thank you enough guys for pushing me to the top of my game!
Dustin Micks, Student

Highly Recommended

Dennis and Corri are top-notch people!! Dennis is the best instructor I have ever had when it comes to training. He is extremely knowledgeable, patient and supportive. I would highly recommend this training course and I look forward to doing more training with them in the future.
TJ Tattrie, Student

Best Fit

 I had the pleasure of meeting Dennis and Corri while I was trying to find the best fit for my driver training and, right from the start, I knew I had found the right training provider.  I was impressed with how hard both worked to re-schedule and adjust there personal time to make time for me, because I was under the gun and needed certification ASAP.  I don’t want to use the word “rush”, but they had their hands full trying to make me learn and understand all the information they could provide for my tight schedule.  That was very important, so thank you both.  If I can ever help you like you helped me, don’t hesitate to phone me.
Blaine Letkeman, Student

Friendly and Kind

Love these two! Such a great school to go to! Dennis was hard on me over the last four days, but for a very good reason and not in a mean way. Just had to get what needed to be done, done! They were both very friendly, kind and know what they are doing. Thank you very much Dennis and Corri for all the hard work the both of you have done to help me get through ALL my obstacles in the last four days. I most definitely couldn’t have done it without either of you and I appreciate it very much, every single little bit of it.
Once again, thank you soo much you two.

Joy McCahon, Student


Dennis, and Corri were the very best. Absolute professionalism. Training is above, and beyond standards. Thank you Dennis, and Corri for caring, and for your knowledge.

Colin Steinke, Student

Faster and Safer

Dennis and Corri at AB Roadsafe were very helpful and knowledgeablele. I learned more in the short time I was there than I ever thought possible. Whether you have any experience or not, Dennis has the knowledge to not only get you your license but to get you on the road faster and safer. The students are always top priority. He could be on his death bed and still make the time to get you trained up and ready for your road test lol. If I had the chance I’d go back for even more training. If you’re thinking of getting your class 1 and not sure how to go about it, do yourself a favor and give these guys a call. They’ll help get you on the road.

Michael Drobot, Student

Flexible Training Schedule

Thank you Dennis and Corri!  You guys were awesome and patient, helping me work around my busy schedule. SO glad I chose AB Roadsafe!

Terance Tatarin, Student


Superb training experience!!! Dennis & Corri are super nice people. They treat me like a family, very helpful and kind. I love AB RoadSafe! God bless you and your loved ones…mabuhay!!!

Jonas Iral, Student

Highly Recommended

Corri & Dennis are both extremely patient, knowledgeable and helpful. They have an awesome trucking school in an awesome quiet location. Not only will you leave with your license but you will also leave with the confidence you need to be a safe driver. I got my class 1 through AB Roadsafe and I couldn’t have made a better choice! Highly recommend their school its affordable and you will not regret it!
Drew Finlayson, Student

Above and Beyond

After looking around and doing my research with pricing and where my training would be held, this was the place best suited for me. Especially after talking to Dennis and Corri, and explaining to them my personal situation and the urgency to get my class 1. They talked to me like a friend rather then just a customer. They accommodated my availability to train with my hectic work schedule, which was really difficult on my end. My training price was $1000 cheaper and was completed in half the time with the same amount of hours, compared to many other training companies. Training was first held on quiet back country roads, with no pressure from traffic or city driving. Dennis was super patient, up beat, and personable which made our sessions enjoyable. All in all he went above and beyond to do more then just prep me for my driving exam… He actually taught me the tools I needed, not only to be a good driver, but know the tractor and trailer.  I went into my exam feeling very confident and prepared, and came out of it with my class 1.
Thank you so much.
Michel Gagne, Student

Awesome Learning Environment

4 days of learning under my belt so far. Dennis is a great instructor and a Stand up guy. The one on one training coupled with the relaxed atmosphere of the country makes for a great learning environment.
Jonathan Browne, Student

Great Place

Great place to learn Dennis and Corri are both fantastic
Rob Cote, Student

Love My Job

I got my class 1 from AB Roadsafe back in February. It was a great experience, both Corri and Dennis were very helpful, patient and understanding. I have been operating a tandem dump truck since May and I love it. Thanks guys. Keep up the good training.
Shirley Rideout, Student

Wonderful Experience

Thank you ! Dennis and Corri for the most wonderful experience your compassion and flexibility and one on one training was remarkable!!! I have called the other facilities and found yours too be the very best and affordable even on me being on WCB it was fantastic! I got my class 1 in 5 days , it was a honor to meet you and may God bless you always ! Lucien and Debra
Lucien St. Hilare, Student

Great Location!  Great Instructor!

Dennis is a great instructor, extremely knowledgeable, and a super nice guy! Not only does he teach you the skills, he also gives you the confidence. He makes sure you know what you are doing and fully prepares you for the exam. Definitely recommend the school to everyone, and it has a great location.
Adam Dunn, Student

Relaxed Atmosphere 

Thanks to Dennis and Corri at AB RoadSafe for helping me achieve my class 1!  I’m glad I choose them as it was the perfect driving environment. We started slow away from traffic, worked my way onto the paved highways and once I was ready into traffic. Couldn’t have done it at any other driving school.
Rob Peebles Jr., Student

Professional Training

The best place to get your licence upgraded. They take the time and make sure you know what you are doing prior to your testing. A very professional place to learn.
Randy Tancowny, Student

One on One Training

“This is an excellent course, great one on one instruction.”

Trevor Carnegie, Student

Specialty Driver

“After graduating from AB RoadSafe with my class 3, I’ve become a specialty driver. I’m very happy with my dynamic career! !! I get to off road every day!”

Erin Elizabeth Porter, Student

Continuous Learning

“I have been a Class 1 driver for the past 28 years:

  • 15 winters hauling logs
  • 15 summers on the highway
  • the last 7 years I hauled logs around
  • totaling 22 years
  • the last 6 years in the oilfield.

“I can say I was shown a few more things when I went to AB Roadsafe. Dennis is a very highly recommended driver trainer—anybody wanting to be shown the proper way best take the time to call AB Roadsafe.”

Edward Anderson, Student

Just Starting Out

“Started Class 3 driver training on Monday. Never drove a standard transmission in my life, and now I can drive a big truck! My driving exam is next Thursday. Thanks to AB Roadsafe, I will be able to drive trucks for Northwest Fire. If you’re looking to get your airbrakes or Class 3 and higher, go with AB Roadsafe. Check out their Facebook page!”

Ashley Ives, Student

AB RoadSafe is proudly offering truckdriver training, class 1 training, class 3 training, and air brake programs to Sturgeon County, Parkland County, Spruce Grove, Stony Plain, Edson, Drayton Valley, Edmonton, Morinville, St. Albert, Westlock, Fort McMurray, Athabasca and surrounding areas!!

Confidence and Safety

As one of the past students I can say Dennis can and will teach anyone who is willing to not only be able to operate a class 1 vehicle but also do it safely and with confidence! That being said as long as you study and apply yourself and don't waste your own time the learning comes easy and definitely a very very good experience at the school! Both Dennis and Corri are in it for the student and not the cash! Very well run school and two of the best stand up people you'll meet anywhere.
Thanks again Dennis and Corri!

Coleman Hopwood, student

Patient and Knowledgeable

Best driving school there is out there. Did my class 3 with them and they had extremely patient instructors that are extremely knowledgeable. Got all my tests and license done first try. I'd recommend them to anyone looking to get a class 1/3 or even just air brakes.

James Vangen, Student

Phenominal Training Team!

AB Roadsafe with their vastly knowledgeable and experienced instructors along with their fantastic admin and front office are living proof that, if given the right mentorship, you CAN teach on old dog new tricks. Before I started my training, I called around to various schools and from the first 2 minutes on the phone with Corri, it was obvious that this was the place to go. Their commitment to taking care of their students and that 'One of the family' attitude that they exude is both comforting and confidence inspiring. They make the learning experience much easier than I expected. You do need to put in the commitment to learning and pay attention because in the end, they cannot write your tests or do the road test for you, but by the end of my training, I felt like I was going to a knife fight armed with a bazooka! Even for the road test, Dennis took the time to select a really wonderful examiner (Shane) who was very professional, but also very personable and that went a long way to keeping calm and confident throughout the road test procedure. Nailed the tricky backing maneuver like a boss on the first try, but considering my phenomenal training team, there was never a doubt! Thanks again to Dennis, Don and Corri, see you on the roads!

Jeff Bell, Student


Professional drivers learn here,if you want to become a professional driver AB Road Safe is here for you.

Katjikuru Nguvitjita, Student

Flexible Training Schedule

I walked in 4 days ago with 0 truck driving experience. After 3 days of learning and practicing and lots of pushing from Dennis I passed the road test. They worked around my work schedule and made it happen for me. Thanks again.

Jordan Cawsey, Student

More than a School

Ab RoadSafe is more than just a school to help you acquire your license . Corri and Dennis go above and beyond for their students in every aspect, succeed or fail . They don't let you give up and push you to success. The day I got my licence was a very proud day and they made me feel like family . Would recommend everyone to them !

Adam Crest, Student

Amazing School, Amazing Students

Genuinely amazing people! My time at AB RoadSafe was a blast! Anyone who is considering doing their road training will definitely reap the benefits of going to their school. They are extremely professional, courteous and most of all was very ready to adapt to my tight schedule. Thank you AB RoadSafe for everything, I wouldn't have been able to get my class 1 licence without you!!

Stefan Eybers

Extreme Gratitude

I really appreciate,Words cannot express my feelings, nor my thanks for all your help. God bless you Corri and Dennis McCarty , best school with experienced instructors!

Katjikuru Nguvitjita, student


Highly recommended! awesome experience!

Christopher Vandernoot, Student

Best Teachers

One of the best teachers , I will never forget what #abroadsafe did for me , getting me my class one!

Mark Martin, Student

Sure Success

Corri and Dennis both went out of there way to work around my schedule and to ensure my success. Without Dennis pushing me every single class I would have never been able to get my class 1 and I am so very thankful for everything the both of them have done for me. I would recommend Alberta roadsafe to anyone wishing to upgrade there licence.

Mike Garbutt, Student

Patient, but amazing

I would like to thank AB Road Safe for teaching me getting my class 3 in a short time.Dennis is an amazing instructor who is very knowledgeable and patient and thank you for having confidence in me and also thanks to Corri for scheduling the course with my work schedule.I would definitely recommend AB Road Safe to anybody looking to get their class 1/3 licence

Cedric Parrill, Student

Comprehensive Wisdom

Thank You both for being so accommodating with the scheduling. Your program was very comprehensive and it was a valuable experience! Thank you Dennis for your wisdom and such a pleasure to get to know you! Best wishes to you and Corri in all your endeavours!

Arlen Pahl, Student

Valuable Knowledge

Got.my licence with you guys way back when you were located in red deer. Can't say enough about the knowledge that was passed down to me. I use those skills everyday. Still working hard in the Alberta oil patch. Good to see your still putting safe drivers on our roads. Thank you!

Braden Palmer, Student

Confident Students

I've only done my airbrakes so far, but that was an incredibly pleasant experience. Dennis exudes confidence in his teaching abilities, and it rubs off onto his students. He is an amazing instructor and I plan to get further training with this company. Thanks to both Dennis and Corri!

Tyler Gohier, Student

Always Improving

Awesome instruction, always professional, & continually working to improve driver knowledge and skill. Loved every minute of the training. Thanks again to the McCarty's!

Easton Patrick, Student

Institute of Alberta!

Fantastic school, fantastic pricing. As a young guy such as myself, Dennis took the time to not only be my instructor but be my mentor as well. With his vast knowledge and experience in the industry, he can answer any question you might have. Both Corri and Dennis take the time to work on your personal skills while working around any schedule you may have. This is truly an institute of Alberta, that I hope many people get the chance to experience. Thank you guys so much again, I hope we have the chance to meet sometime in the future. Cheers

Max Straub, Student

Passionate About Quality

Dennis and Corri are both amazing people. They run such a wonderful company and are not pleased until you are. They are extremely accommodating to their students and are very reasonably priced. Dennis is extremely knowledgeable and is passionate about putting quality drivers back on the road. He is a great instructor and I truthfully feel that if it hadn't been for his hard work and his teaching methods, I wouldn't have this class 3 license in my hand today. They are both very committed to the student and make sure you are ready. I was ready for my road test in 3 days, thanks to them. I highly recommend everyone to take your training through this company. You will not be disappointed.

Tyler Gohier, Student

Top Notch!

I got my class 1 today. Dennis and Corri run a top notch school and are very dedicated to the success of their students and will bend over backwards to make that happen. Highly recommend AB RoadSafe to anyone looking to get into the world of trucking. Thanks again guys for helping me acquire my class 1. I appreciate all you have done for me.

Rod Atkinson, Student

Road test?  No problem!

Thank you for a great week! Dennis and Corri, you made class 1 drivers training an awesome experience. Your expertise and training helped me get through the test. no problem!

Brady Yavis, Student

Best Instructor Out There!

My brother and my friend 
Cause that's how u treat ur students . I never felt like a student I felt like family 
The way u teach and the way u make things sink in our heads is just unreal . I can not thank u enough for what u did to me . Ur the man and the best instructor out there . And I highly highly highly suggest every person wants to learn to drive a truck go c AB roadsafe . No other school will teach u what they do . Corrie thank u a lot best wishes and I will c u soon . Again million thank u

Kamille Karaje, Student

AB Roadsafe proudly offers truck driving training services in Edmonton, Ft McMurray, Edson, Hinton, Slave Lake, Drayton Valley, Athabasca, Sherwood Park, and surrounding areas.

Great Skills!

Thx to your great skills Dennis, you got me movin that rig and the addition to my licence,thx to you as well Corri, how you keep everything organized (along with keeping Dennis in line lol)is unbelievable,, I had a great experience with ye despite you and Dennis trying to get me to like Zeus! May never happen bro! Take care

Brad Noseworthy, Student

Best School Ever!

Thank you sir. Because you are a good teacher. God bless you and your family 
AB roadsafe the best driver school ever!

Sandy Mansoor, Student

Constant Encouragement

Corri and Dennis work together and do their best to make sure you have the ability to do your best that you can. Training or not they will not give up on you while your in their care and they will encourage you to do your best. The care they have for their students is unreal and you will never feel like you dont belong there. They never give up on you and they will see you through to the end. I had a great time learning along side Dennis. His knowledge and experience exceeds expectations that youll have going into the course. Thank you once again Dennis and Corri, i appreciate everything you guys did for me!

Corey Belcourt, Student

Most Helpful

By far the best driving school in Alberta! I would recommend you to anyone and everyone that wants or needs to get their class 1 or 3. Dennis and Corri are by far the best and most helpful people when it comes to training anyone for a class 1 or 3. They aren't satisfied until you get your license and if you have any doubts they will do everything they can to remove all doubt that you will get your license. THANKS DENNIS AND CORRI FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT!

Justin Robinson, Student

Wonderful Experience

I cannot say enough how wonderful my experience was!!!! Not only did you teach me how to drive a truck, that I never thought in a million years I would drive, you both taught me soooo much about myself!!! Thank you so much for the encouragement and faith!

Michelle Hamilton, Student

Great People

Big thank you to AB RoadSafe for teaching me so much in such a small time frame. Even with an extremely busy schedule they made their schedule work for me. Dennis and Corri are wonderful people and I would recommend their school to anyone.

Josh Constantin, Student

Positive Relationship

Dennis is a great instructor who makes a person feel calm and comfortable behind the wheel. He is willing to share his experiences and builds a positive relationship with his students. I really appreciate all of the help and instruction...thank you

Pat Wanner, Student


Great experience and great training! Highly recommended if you wish to be a professional! Thanks again guys.

Jamie Lewis, Student

Feels Like Home

AB RoadSafe thank you so much for an amazing experience! I couldn't have done it without the help of Dennis and Cori! You made this driving school feel like home! For everyone else who supported me through it all - you know who you are and I couldn't be more thankful! (I'll catch you guys on the road)

Georges El Ramy, Student

Quality Training!

Highly recommend AB Roadsafe for driver training! our people will be training there in the future .

Cory Parker, Student                                                                                                                                                                                                 www.parkerdrainage.com/


Thank you so much Dennis and Corrie. You both are wonderful people and what you guys are doing is amazing. Will never forget where I got my start. Thanks again.

Glen Scharr, student

Good Training!

I got my class 1 from AB Roadsafe back in February. It was a great experience, both Corri and Dennis were very helpful, patient and understanding. I have been operating a tandem dump truck since May and I love it. Thanks guys. Keep up the good training.

Shirley Rideout, student

Great Price!

I highly recommend AB RoadSafe. The price was great and Dennis was an excellent teacher.

Blake MacKenzie, student

Never Give Up

Awesome driving school with awesome people at awesome pricing! Dennis, the instructor, is very patient person that he never gives up on his students. Thank you Dennis and Corri :)

Able Haeryong Kim, student 


Corri and Dennis will stick with you all the way until you accomplish your goals Thanks for believing in me and seeing me through till the end!

Pete Brown, Student

Stress Free

Thanks! Dennis made everything so simple to learn and learning the basics on backroads with no one else around.  You made it a stress free experience. Thanks again Dennis and Corri!

Tom Serroul, Student


Dennis and Corri were fantastic!! Got me scheduled in on short notice and took me from never driving a semi to being confident at the wheel and shifting smooth!! Not only did Dennis teach me to drive and watch my surroundings at all times, but also connected on a personal level. Then Dennis and Corri also provided a great opportunity for me by referring me to a transport company....looking forward to my new adventures on the blacktop!!!

Thank you so much AB ROADSAFE!!!

Jarvis Lay, Class 1 proud

Achieving the Goal

This was a great course. Thanks to Dennis and Corri for being so patient and calming. They were definitely there to ensure my success. Thanks for helping me achieve a goal.

Paula Manuel, Student

Top Notch

Awesome school brother, and top notch one on one training.  Very good peope who treat you like family 

Michael Beck, student

Safety, Responsibility and Commitment.

I'm glad I enrolled at AB RoadSafe for my class1 license. I learned a lot from Dennis and Corri. They’re awesome! I’ve been working as a swamper in a trucking company for years and I learned a lot from it, but I would still recommend everyone if they do try to get their class 1, Enroll at AB RoadSafe and you will be at your best. Great place to learn, best instructor and well planned programs.

John Ian Paul Hare, Student

Professionalism, Patience & Knowledge

Just got my class one thanks to the professionalism, patience and knowledge that I have received from both Dennis and Corri!

These guys are willing to bend over backwards to ensure from step 1 to step 10 you know what you're doing and how to do it. I am astounded with this company and I highly recommend them regardless of skill level!

Thank you very much guys!

Jack Wilson, Student

Premier Training 

Amazing people to deal with from arranging the course and payments to in the class and on the road learning. Would highly recommend to everyone!

Ricky Bowers, Student

100% !

AB Roadsafe is more than just a school, it is a family business committed, dedicated to each student with an approach like no other!
Words cannot express the gratitude, my thanks for all your help!
Corri and Denis are amazing people, treated me like part of their family right from the beginning, extremely professional, knowledgeable, patient and supportive.
What we accomplished in the three days together can be perfectly summarized by the 100% final exam mark!!
Thank you once again for everything!

Konrad Zajac, Student

Above Industry Standard

This holiday season wouldn’t have been possible for our household without the help of AB RoadSafe. These guys helped me upgrade my driving licence to a class 3 which kept a roof over our heads during some extremely stressful and overwhelming times.

AB RoadSafe is run by some truly amazing and wonderful caring people who do above industry standard training while keeping costs at a bare minimum. This world needs more people like them. 
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year C&D!

James R, Student

Best Instructor

Safety, responsibility and commitment. I'm glad I enrolled at AB RoadSafe for my class1 license. I learned a lot from Dennis and Corri. They’re awesome! I’ve been working as a swamper in a trucking company for years and I learned a lot from it but I would still recommend everyone, if they do try to get their class 1, enroll at AB RoadSafe and you will be at your best.

Great place to learn, best instructor and well planned programs!

John Hare, Student

Excellence and Professionalism

I just want to say thanks to Dennis and Corri for their excellence and professionalism. When in training they always show lots of patience and give me confidence when I needed it. I would certainly recommend AB RoadSafe to anyone interested in upgrading to a class 1 or 3 license or air brakes courses. Thanks AB RoadSafe.

Joe McCarty, student

Amazing and Wonderful

This holiday season wouldn’t have been possible for our household without the help of AB RoadSafe. These guys helped me upgrade my driving licence to a class 3 which kept a roof over our heads during some extremely stressful and overwhelming times. AB RoadSafe is run by some truly amazing and wonderful caring people who do above industry standard training while keeping costs at a bare minimum. This world needs more people like them. 
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year C&D!

Robert Pint, student

Amazing Instructor

Amazing school! Dennis, the instructor takes the time to work with you to give you the tools to succeed. I recently obtained my class 1, he took the time to share his stories and experiences with me, . No wasted time... straight to the point . I highly recomend this school for all courses offerd.Thanks Dennis and Corri

Brandon Bellwood, student

Great Team!

Best place to learn, Dennis takes time to show you how to do it right and Corri is always here to support. What a great team!  Highly recommended!

Eric Hubert, student

Great Business!

I can't say enough good things about Dennis and Corri. Dennis is the best. He thought he was hard on me, but in the end, it was the best method for me learn. His constant positive reinforcement assured me that I was on the right path. I would highly recommend AB Roadsafe to anyone looking to obtain their class 1 or 3 licence. Again, great people, great business and overall a great experience.

Ryan Wilson, student


Good value, very patient. Successful outcome! Thank you! Earned my Class 1! Thank you Dennis and Corri!

Ivan Noyola, student

Where you need to be!

I cannot express how thankful I am that Dennis was my instructor . Dennis and Corri are both great at what they do. They both go above and beyond to get you where you need to be . In the end they became more like family .

Thanks guys !

Jessica Randell, student

Instruction and Guidance

Dennis will push you hard to do your best, be your best. Excellent instruction and guidance,when I’m behind the wheel,you’re the voice in my head Dennis. 
Thanks for everything AB Roadsafe(Dennis&Corri)

Tony Samms, student


Best course I ever took very informative and very welcoming.

Jeremy Grasse, student

Tips and Techniques

If you want the best quality instruction on becoming a professional driver, then AB Roadsafe is the company to go with . Dennis and Corri run a professional , respectful and family orientated establishment. Dennis, with his years of experience will show you the safest way to run a heavy hauler . Not only that, he will give you many tips and techniques on maintaining your equipment and running your iron efficiently. He’s simply the best I’ve seen in the business and is there for the working man and woman and further-more a great human being! Glad to call him a friend now .. take care and God bless Dennis and Corri. Thank you whole heartedly and see you on the road !

Robert Kennedy, student

Highly recommended

Owners are truly good people ... best driving school in Alberta for those who want to be a professional truck driver. Dennis is the best instructor I've ever met. Everything he taught, in pushing me hard in training for few days just to get home with my license, is worth it in the end and I can’t thank him enough.

Ryan Refuerzo, student

One and Only

If you’re thinking about getting into truck driving, AB ROAD SAFE should be your #1 and ONLY choice where to get your truck driving training. Dennis and Corri are the best people, you can rely on them each and every step in obtaining your class 1 or class 3 drivers license. I can proudly say, doing my class 3 at AB Road Safe is one of the best decisions I've ever made.. Contact them now and for sure you will have the best truck driving training and you can proudly say that you are trained by the best!

Ron Muli, student

Great Guy!  Great Instructor!

AB RoadSafe is the best truck driving school that I know Dennis and Corri are really nice,kind and caring people. Dennis is a great guy and a great instructor he is very kind and patient. I recommend this school to anyone looking to get their class 1 or 3 licence

Johnny Silvius, student

Top Notch Instructor!

Believe every positive review stated below! Dennis is a top notch instructor. You will learn to drive beyond the ability of completing the road test and somehow along the way feel confident and comfortable behind the wheel. Thank you very much Dennis.

Jesse Reed, student

Under Control

Dennis is a great instructor and fully understands the trucking industry. When on the road with you everything is under control and if you do mess up he can instantly help you to correct a bad situation. Would recommend AB RoadSafe to anyone looking to upgrade their license. Family run company. Can't ask for any better.

Jade Zayac, student


Corri and Dennis are truly amazing individuals that provide the necessary and relevant mentorship to be able to hold a commercial driver's license. You can sense that they take enormous pride in their work and don't stop until the job is done.

Alex Kyle, student

Awesome School!

My class 1 for me has been a 5 year ordeal. Between some broken promises and your typical life’s situations, it took me longer then it should’ve to get my licence. Recently being laid off, I took the extra time to focus on what is now a big door opener for my family and I. From the moment I told Dennis and corri about my situation they made the program work for me. Dennis is so knowledgeable in his teaching and proves that experience is everything. On the day of the road test I was a scared nervous mess, I was freezing and forgetting steps (it was +30 by the way). He came to me while I was waiting for my turn and made me feel relaxed and comfortable. When I was on my test I made a few mistakes that I thought for sure I had instantly failed, but I remembered my teachings from Dennis and let Cam my examiner know my mistakes and how to correct them. He was very understanding and helped even with a few tips. I’d like to give a enourmous thank you to Dennis and corri, Cam the examiner for allowing me to move ahead and put this ordeal behind me. If your reading this. Your crazy not to go to this awesome school!

Michael Schmidtke, student

Great Place for Training!

Dennis and Corri are amazing people. I wouldn’t want to go to any other place for training. Dennis was my teacher but I can also call him my friend. Dennis taught me more then I needed to know and taught me about the challenges in life.  Next time I'm in the area, I will definitely stop by to see how the both of you are doing.  Take care.

Andrew Sheppard, Student

Continuous Learning

Thank you Dennis, I was not perfect but I promise I will improve and your voice will be with me all along Sir.

Luc Brind'Amour, Student

High Driving Standards

Dennis and Corri your passion and high driving standards make the roads a safer place. Many thanks for your dedication and friendship.

Rod Kyle, Student


Big Thanks you to you dennis to have being a amazing teacher!

Marc Bourque, Student

Top Notch Training

This school is by far top notch by a long shot.. I’ve been to 2 different driving schools in my career and Dennis is 100 % a professional. He’s an excellent trainer that will put you at the top of your game. Corri is extremely wonderful and she keeps the ball rolling behind the scenes and gives exactly what you need to do when unsure . She is the glue that holds the business together and keeps the ball rolling and complying with government regulations.. There aren’t enough words to describe how Dennis knows the rules and “In’s and outs of the industry “ this guy is in a class of his own. I would recommend this school to anybody that I know any day. These two people are just amazing! Thanks you so much for everything you did for me the both of you!

Michael Cote, Student

Exponential Training!

5 stars doesn’t even come close to the exponential training my boyfriend and I received. Corri and Denis are both wonderful very hard working people that take pride in their students and their success. They take the time and care to turn you into a quality driver. Highly recommend for anyone seeking professional driver training.

Sam Kyle, Student


Great team of instructors. Motivational and good instructing. Definitely recommend them.

Elmar Bahr, Student


Great instructor!! Would recommend to everyone!

Dan Lucyk, Student

Knowledge and Skill

Just got my class 1!!! ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿป Awesome instructions, always professional, & continually working to improve driver knowledge and skill. Definitely recommend the school to everyone.

Thanks again AB RoadSafe!

Sylvie Roussel, Student

The Place to Go

Another check on my to do list! Really happy!! ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€ for those who want to get their license, AB RoadSafe is the place to go!  Thx Dennis !!!

Alex Brouillard, Student


Thank you Denis and Dean! If you need a class 1, AB RoadSafe is your school! Everyone here is fantastic! Thank you all for making this possible for me and Dylan!

Elizabeth and Dylan Seib, Students


This school is absolutely amazing, the training is beyond superb. The family setting is amazing also. Dennis will make you confident in yourself and you will have the ability to control your trailer in any condition . I can proudly say that, because of Dennis, the training and the way he taught me I successfully passed my pre trip inspection , my uncouple / recouple, my air brake test, and my road test in a snow storm with terrible conditions with a 100% mark across the board . I cannot thank this school enough for the utmost amazing training that was provided to me and for all future students, one simple key point, listen and pay close attention to what these instructors have to teach and show you, and you will be a class 1 licensed driver before you know it. Cheers Andrew

Andrew Henderson, Student

Great Appreciation

Hello to all!! 10/10 Get TRAINED by AB Roadsafe. Let's start by stating that I HIGHLY RECOMMEND going to see Dennis, Corri and the trainers at AB Roadsafe. I recently graduated from AB Roadsafe with a enormous smile on my face and Class 1 in my pocket. Now this coming from someone who had zero experience behind the wheel until I jumped in with Dennis and the crew. You could guess I was fairly nervous first going off. They are there to simply Teach. To make sure you understand the rules of the road and the importance that you personally have while operating such a big truck. I personally will always hear Dennis' voice in the passenger seat, calmly correcting my driving before I even begin to make a mistake. Leaving AB Roadsafe you dont just leave with a license, you leave as part of a family. Great Appreciation for AB Roadsafe.

Nathan Andrews, Student

No Other Way

What an amazing school!!! The training and support is outstanding. They really want you to succeed and go out of their way to make that happen. They care about their students. They are incredibly professional, the trucks are clean and well kept, the classroom portion was done at a perfect pace, the instructors are very knowledgeable and available. AB RoadSafe is a true gem and I am so thankful to have experienced this journey with them. I’d have it no other way!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!

Brandie Chugg, Student

Skills Behind the Wheel 

Corri and Dennis McCarty were fabulous to work with. They were very friendly and went above and beyond to ensure I was properly trained. They even went out of their way to fit in an extra day of driving over their long weekend.

Dennis has the patience of a saint. Between him and Jerry; they worked with me every step of way to build confidence and appropriate skills behind the wheel.

I'd definitely recommend them to anyone looking for quality training and skill development.

Kris Olsen, Student 


Jerry taught the air endorsement. He is an excellent teacher, knows his material inside out, patient with his students and made sure everyone was one the same page’. It was a pleasure being his student.

Dennis made sure I was ready to do my road test.

Both are consummate professionals, and expect a high level of commitment so you are successful in obtaining you CDL.

I absolutely recommend AB Drive safe if you are looking to get your CDL

Kiernan Burr, Student


Very great to deal with. I told them my situation on how I was trying to get my class 1 road test done and I didn’t have a trailer long enough to meet the requirements. They had me booked in for a quick session to get me used to their equipment and a road test booked before I had even met them. They care about the success of their students.

Darcy Roszko, Student

Relaxed Environment 

Great team of people. Always willing to help to answer any questions. Very relaxed environment

Nick Bowers, Student

Top Notch Training

This place is by far the top place to attend any training you need. Dennis and Corri are like peas in a pod , Dennis is the hard calming outter shell that’s solid and reassuring . Corri is the sweet little peas inside that makes it all work .

I met Dennis for the first day it was like I knew him my entire life. This man is absolutely at the top of the food chain when it comes to driving, He will push you to be your absolute best you can be. My experience with these two genuine people was fantastic. Dennis takes the actual time to show you exactly what you need to know to become a “professional “ driver.

If your looking for an easy pass to your class one or class 3 this is not the place for you. The bar is set high and expectation of you are even higher. They will take the “Actual” time to train you properly and cut ZERO corners.

I could go on blabbing until their isn’t enough room on this page on how wonderful this place is.

Thanks for the training the both of you.
Dennis your a Solid in my books my friend.
Corri you keep him in line will ya.

Mike Cote, Student

Extensive Knowledge

I have wanted to get my Class 1 for a long time. Through the extensive knowledge, experience, flexibility and equipment that Dennis and Corri offer at AB Roadsafe, I was able to check it off the bucket list over the long weekend! I would recommend AB Roadsafe to anyone wanting to upgrade there license or sharpen their skills. It offers a great service at fair price in a good location and is run by great people. Thanks again!

Clinton Gunderson, Student 

Better Driver 

Dennis can be pretty tough on you but you definitely come out a better driver.

Daniel Hostettler, Student 

Positive and Encouraging

I couldn't have asked for better people to deal with while getting my class 1! The service from them is unbeatable. It was a real pleasure being trained here. Dennis and Corri went out of there way to make sure i always had everything in line and ready for the test while Dean, my instructor provided the most outstanding training and was able to point out everything that i was doing that could be improved, and he perfected them. You will not find a more positive and encouraging group of people!

Dylin K. Student 

Great Staff

Top notch program with great staff, they are not just there to teach, they get to know each one of their students.

Claude Dargis, Student 

Very Satisfied

Very satisfied. Dennis and Corri put in maximum effort to make sure their students are not only prepared, but equally confident and ready for their road test. Each day in training I learned several new things, and everything was taught at a pace anyone can grasp. I've had my class one for nearly 2 months now and I apply the methods they've taught me every day at work. Thank you guys once again!

Devin Sibley, Student

Great team!

Went to AB Roadsafe for my class 1.
It’s a tough week. Be ready to work.
I was worried about the road test but the owner, Dennis took me out the night before & made sure I was prepared. The next day I passed. Aced the backing up, couple, uncouple, inspection & air tests!

Super nice people! Highly recommend!

Jonathan MacNeil, Student 

Encouraging and Highly Effective

These guys go above and beyond to make sure that you're over qualified as a professional driver. Out of the many training facilities I have attended over the past 5 years in the oil patch, I hold this one above the rest. I find their teaching methods to be encouraging and highly effective. The result from achieving my class 3 and then my class 1 years later has been a rewarding career with competitive wages, not to mention all of the amazing experiences I have gathered along the way. AB road safe is a big part of those experiences and put me on the road to success!

Erin Porter, Student

Your Learning Starts Now

I took my class 1 training here and the experience was amazing, during this course i learned so much about shifting and tricks i never knew. The advice and lessons was well worth my time and everyday i was excited to hop in the drivers seat and practice. I passed my drivers test and got my class one here and im very grateful that the staff didnt give up on me and motivated me to keep trying. Everyday when i get behind the wheel I think back to the training and put to practice what i was taught. One quote what will always stick with me was when after i passed my test and Denis told me "Your learning starts now", I appreciate everything you did for me and helping me push through and get my license. Thank-you to the staff at AB RoadSafe.

Mark.Pilon, Student

Down to Earth

Due to a potential job opportunity I had to get in for my license in a short manner of time. Corri and Dennis were more than accommodating and treated me as though we had been long time family friends. Truly a great school with a down to earth take on things. Could not have had a better experience getting my license and would highly recommend to anyone no matter what your experience level!

Eric Rutemeier, Student

Practical and to the Point

I just took Class 1 Driving Training with this school to get my Class 1 license. The training was very practical and to the point; no wasted time sitting in class rooms. The price was significantly lesser than other schools I've researched prior to choosing this one and seemed quite fair considering the cost of operation and upkeep of the truck.

Dennis the instructor has a lot of patience and can effectively point out where you are going wrong during instruction. Also has a good sense of humor too.

The training took place in very low-traffic back roads and highways north of Spruce Grove, so that took a lot of the stress out of driving a 1000-foot long truck around for the first time.

Trevor Duke, Student

More Than a Road Test

I just did my first class 1 road test yesterday and passed.
Thanks Corri & Dennis for the great training you guys gave me. Dennis, the the instructor taught me everything I need to know. More than just for the road test ,
I would like certainly recommend AB RoadSafe for upgrading to class 1 or class 3 license.
Thanks Corri and Dennis one more time.

Bonus Barandagiye, Student


Highly recommended! I never stepped foot in a truck before my training started and got my class 1 in less then a week! The pricing is unbeatable and so is the training! They even help find you work after! Thanks again Corri and Dennis!

Jake, Student

Above and Beyond

Corri and Dennis really want you to succeed and go above and beyond for whatever you are training for. The price is great but the training I'd say is better than anywhere else. I got my class 3 in about a month with 5 in-vehicle sessions. Can't say enough about the experience.

Samuel Lema, Student 


Corri and Denis are fantastic people. Denis teaching you everything you need to know and more for the exams and road test! Really happy with the service

Yanick Forcade, Student 

Tremendous Knowledge

Such a great experience working with Corri and Dennis. Tremendous amount of knowledge was received in such a short period of time. I would recommend AB Roadsafe to anyone.

Brandon Hodgson, Student

Knowledge and Confidence

Dennis and Corri were great! Instructors are knowledgeable and shared there information clearly. Dennis shares his knowledge and gives you the confidence in your driving and insures you’re capable of the task. Cannot say enough good things for the school and the people involved. Thanks again!

Christopher Milley, Student

Go the Extra Mile

First off, Corri, Dennis & Wayne were the most wholesome, honest caring people you could meet. They go the extra mile to help you succeed. What they truly wanted by the end of your course, was that license. I came into my MELT training/class one training intimidated by the trucks but by the end of it all, I passed my road test! Even when I had some rough moments, with these guys’ help, guidance & positive thinking, I could power through it. I normally do not write reviews on businesses, but AB RoadSafe went above and beyond and more to help me reach my goal. Since I was a little kid, I could see myself having my class one and with their help it truly came true on May 17, 2021. You guys are amazing people! Do not stop what you’re doing! Thank you guys, so much!

Tanner Wood, Student

Wicked driving school! Corri & Dennis will go above & beyond to make sure you pass.

10/10 ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ

Amanda George, Student

Best School!

They are not the only school in Canada, but they are the best! 

Al Sed Suwinia, Student

They Care

Absolutely amazing school. They are great, great people, great teachers and they care. I wouldn’t go anywhere else!

Leslie Boissonneault, Student


I was treated with respect and received great, hands-on training!!!
Would highly recommend this company!!

Pete Rudge, Student

The Real Deal

Did my Class 1 through AB Roadsafe. They are the real deal and go above and beyond to make sure you get the right training. Highly recommend them!

Dewald Hattingh, Student

Best Experience

I got my air brakes and class 3 license at AB RoadSafe. I couldn’t be happier with my experience! Dennis and Corri are excellent to deal with, great people who will go the extra mile to see you succeed. That goes for the instructors I had as well, Wayne and Gerry. The students are their top priority and they enjoy what they do. I would not hesitate to go there for any further training, and recommend them to anyone looking for the best training experience possible

Sean L, Student


Today I went for my Air Brake course Training. I enjoyed the course. Well exposed, dynamic.  I would love to come back for Class 3 or 1 training.

ะŸะฐะฒะตะป ะกะฐะฝ-ะœะฐั€ั‚ะธะฝะตะบ , Student


Very friendly and accommodating people. Definitely prepared me for the road test and helped me to become a better driver. Thank You!

Nathan Zilinski, Student

Welcoming and Supportive

Completed air brake certification, and first in truck training to date. Wouldn't suggest going anywhere else for these courses. Very welcoming, supportive, and want you to succeed.

Craig Brochu, Student

Above and Beyond

My husband recently completed his Class 1 Melt - We could not of picked a better place for his training. From first contact with Corri, she was very helpful, professional and kind. Corri, Dennis & Jerry really went above and beyond to ensure he was successful. We would strongly recommend!

Elaine & Kenny Nicholl, Student

Awesome Job!

I just want to say thanks to Corri & Dennis & Jerry & Wayne You do an awesome job for all your students. Just keep working. We need your school. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

Johan Dyck, Student


An amazing school, instructors were realy good to work with we all started on dirt roads before driving on the highways and through town. I recommend this school to anyone and everyone :)

Maxim Kuznetsov, Student

High Quality Training

I received my air brakes and class 1 license through AB Roadsafe and I could not have asked for a better experience. Corri, Dennis, Wayne, and Jerry all treated me like family and were super encouraging. Not only did they give me the tools to get my license, but they gave me the tools to stay safe on the road. I would like to thank everyone again for being so supportive and accommodating, as well as taking pride in delivering high quality training.

Jamie, Student 


I can’t say enough for the AB Roadsafe family, from Corri setting me up short notice for my Airbrakes and Melt program, to all of the instructors for all of the work they put in to take me from being barely able to shift to getting 100% on my road test. Not only did they help me pass my class 1 they made me a more confident and safer driver in all situations.

Ethan Dambrowski, Student


Good Attitude

Amazing school could not have asked for better. When teaching you to shift, it’ll be along a gravel road no traffic. When your comfort level increase’s,they’ll take you into more lights and traffic. Awesome staff treat you like family. These guys put in a lot of extra time with me. I know must have cost a lot, but never asked for extra money. If you have a good attitude this school will treat you very well๐Ÿ˜ƒ

Joe F, Student

Helpful and Passionate

I have so much to stay from the first time I met Dennis, he was so helpful and kind and his team so passionate in helping me every step of the way until my road test, which was today. I passed with high marks! I'll for ever be so grateful to you. Thank you.

MIke Abed, Student 

Helpful and Kind

Where to start, from first contact with Corri, to the end, everyone was nothing but helpful and kind. Made passing my class 1 melt program stress free.
I have nothing but great things to say about my experience here.
Dennis, Corri, Wayne and Jerry truly care about the students. They were patient and gave me the confidence i needed.
I 100% recommend this school for anyone.
Thank you for AB RoadSafe for helping me make my dream career as a trucker come true.

Josh Meunier, Student 

Part of the Family

I'm so glad I decided to go with AB RoadSafe to take my class 1 melt.
I'd like to give a big shout out to Dennis, Corri, Wayne, and Jerry. Going there was like being part of the family. I would 100% recommend anyone to go there for your training.
Thank you guys for everything you have done for me. Wish the best for everyone!

Cody Kuzek, Student

Excellent Instructor

I recently took my Air Brakes course through AB RoadSafe and have nothing but good things to say. Corri and Dennis run a fantastic operation, it is clear that they take a ton of pride in what they do. Wayne was an excellent instructor, he was extremely personable, open to questions and was great at communicating the information in an easy to understand manner. If I end up taking my class 3 I hope I can do it through AB RoadSafe!

Richelle Redekop, Student 

Good Times

AB Roadsafe is by far the best school to acquire your air brakes and/or your class 1. Dennis, Corri, Wayne, Gerry, and Ralph, are all the most fair and kindest people to work with, was nothing but good times being there. I’m super grateful to have such great instructors and teachers while getting my class 1. Thank you AB RoadSafe for what your guys do, I’m forever grateful.

Taite Seely, Student

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Please Note

* Students must be at least 18 years of age and hold a minimum (valid) Alberta Class 5 (non GDL) driver's licence.

* Knowledge Exam required PRIOR to in-vehicle training or testing

* Medical Exam required before Class 1 licence will be granted

* Road tests = Examination Fees (knowledge and/or road) + hours of truck rental

* Book ahead with a group and receive a discount



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